On / Off Charter Surveys

Remain Free of Liabilities
You shouldn’t be held responsible for paying for existing damages to a vessel on charter. With our on/off charter surveys, you will be protected from absorbing repair costs from damages caused during your charter.

Our on-charter surveys include detailed descriptions of the vessel, including:

  • Pictures of the plating, coating, water in the tanks, framing, deck, pre-existing damage etc.
  • The structural condition of the cargo spaces and main deck area around the hatches and different compartments.
  • State of cleanliness and available space.
  • Quality of onboard bunkers.
  • Whether there is portable equipment and securing materials on board.

Our surveyors conduct detailed internal and external surveys during hot summer when internal tanks need careful consideration. At Tow Incorporated, we ensure that your on/off charter surveys save you money rather than cost you more. Even a slight collision can cause lasting damage that can reverse profits as you find yourself paying for or at the business end of litigations for damages you should not be liable for.

We conduct surveys before a vessel is delivered into a charter or redelivered from one. Each of the reports our surveyors make includes details that are critical for the success of charters and protect our clients from costs they should not have to take care of.

Just because a charter is a day-long doesn’t mean these surveys should be ignored. Even a few hours is enough to cause damages that can lead to costly repairs and legal liabilities. Contact us for a survey today!

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