Liability Exposures

Risk management is a critical aspect of marine cargo surveying.

At Tow Inc., our marine surveyors provide reliable risk and liability services and consultancy solutions for all types of vessels and cargo. We boast a combined experience of 63 years and are dedicated to helping clients manage risks related to their liability and protect their reputation in the industry.

Our team is equipped with the proper knowledge and expertise to protect you against liability for loss or damage to vessels or your equipment and cargo.

Our specialists also deal with excess marine liability, which provides additional protection for dock owners and wharves for damage to cargo and vessels docked at their facilities. This expanded coverage provides protection against downstream damage and wreck removal expenses.

We’ll work with you to develop effective and well-tailored risk management programs that cover risk transfer, loss control, and claims processing systems.

No matter how simple or complicated your matter is, you can trust us to protect your commercial interests and deliver results in line with your expectations.

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