Load and Stow Surveys – Packaging Surveys

Without proper loading and stowage, the contents of a cargo container are at the mercy of the elements. Rough seas and high winds can damage fragile and even sturdy items easily. At Tow Incorporated, we offer load and stow surveys that can prevent this costly damage. The survey results show our clients how cargo should be properly packed in a container.

Our surveyors have extensive experience in lashing, stowage, and securing heavy-duty cargo units on vessels that cross deep seas. This includes carefully monitoring, handling, and loading large cargo units, providing advice on the best storage options, and ensuring that the containers are lashed and secured to remain seaworthy.

To ensure the cargo remains stable, we take suitable load-spreading measures to ensure our clients do not exceed permissible loads on hatch covers or a tank top.

Quality Control and Certification Services

Our extensive loading services determine the shipping quality and quantity per current trade and shipping contracts. It also allows us to assess safety for transportation and certification. Besides identifying the quality and quantity of the shipment, we also:

  • Inspect packages to ensure the weight and quality of the goods are the same as on the sales contract.
  • Survey the cargo’s condition.
  • Provide marking and labeling services for all types of cargo.
  • To ensure goods are packed and labeled as per standards.
  • To ensure the goods are delivered as per client requirements.

We can arrange a team of surveyors, cargo inspectors, experts, and consultants for specific loading control services per the type of cargo our clients have.

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