Cargo Transfer Surveys

When purchasing goods, business owners have little knowledge about the specification and quality of the cargo. This includes the packaging and shipping methods used for their transport. At Tow Incorporated, we can ensure each shipment is inspected and surveyed while consulting in real-time with customers regarding best safety practices to maintain integrity.

We understand that most shipping organizations have unskilled staff who may be unable to maintain the cargo safety standards our clients expect. Our surveyors are skilled at conducting thorough load surveys to ensure cargo transfer integrity.

Our surveyors are experts at ensuring that goods are packed to be seaworthy onboard vessels before they are loaded in holds. Some of the cargo transfer surveys we offer include:

  • Cargo draft surveys during arrival
  • Measuring cargo volume and calculations at unloading
  • Surveys on cargo condition
  • Loss and shortage prevention measures
  • Tallying and supervising cargo at unloading
  • Cargo condition surveys
  • Survey condition of cargo as it is transferred from damaged container and document damage to cargo if found
  • And other services to ensure the safety and longevity of cargo on and offboard
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