Discharge Outrun Surveys

Cargo not handled with care or as per standard protocols can get irreparably damaged or lost, leading to millions in lost revenue in delays and replacements. At Tow Incorporated, we offer loading surveyors and discharging inspectors on board who experience preloading, loading, and unloading a variety of cargo.

This includes:

  • Overseeing and checking cargo documents for accuracy.
  • Ensuring all cargo meets packaging requirements.
  • Surveying weight of goods.
  • Re-lashing inspections.
  • Sealing and unsealing inspections.
  • Shipment weight control at weighing of scale and bridge scale.
  • Checking the condition of equipment such as cranes and other tools used for discharging.
  • Surveys to measure the quality of bulk cargo

Even if there is no apparent damage to a vessel, our boat surveyors conduct a discharge survey for the ship and receivers. If there is potential damage due to heavy weather or any other causes, our surveyors will attend a discharge survey on our client’s behalf. This is often the case for vessels that carry fragile cargo. A discharge survey allows our clients to determine damage liabilities.

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