Cargo Tonnage Barge Drafting and Sampling

Precise Calculations for Accurate Results

At Tow Incorporated, we understand that complex and specific navigation conditions can notably impact waterway transport options. We offer top-quality barge draft surveys of river barges to ensure our clients can save time, money, and resources.

Our experienced and trained field technicians measure the barge freeboard before the vessel is loaded with cargo. The exact measurements are taken after the vessel is loaded with the designated cargo. We also provide the latest barge charts and accurate light, loaded, and net tonnage, which are calculated precisely.

These include inland barges operating on canals, sounds, bays, rivers, and lakes, which are the most economical modes of transportation for large-volume or oversized cargo.

Highly Trained Technicians

Tow Incorporated technicians are trained to create highly accurate displacement programs. Each is trained to assess waterway conditions and determine the importance of each inch. Our surveyors can take precise measurements as the tape is lowered, and each calculation is checked with the displacement program.

The program allows our team to generate tonnage and barge draft reports in real-time, thus cutting down costs for our clients as their barges await release.

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