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Trusted Marine and Inland Surveyor

for the Mississippi River Region

Since 1964

Since the mid-1960s, Tow Incorporated has handled survey claims, loss claims, marine cargo, vessel evaluations, and barge drafting across the Mississippi River region. As professionally boat surveyors we can inspect, determine and evaluate fair market value. Once our survey is complete, we can send it in the proper format to the required parties on your behalf.

We are the appointed Correspondent of the American Institute of Marine Underwriters and with an affiliation with The American Boat and Yacht Council and the Upper Mississippi Waterway Association.

Since 1964 we have specialized in evaluating and surveying barges, yachts, and other seaworthy vessels. Besides this, we also specialize in inventory and marine salvage, damage cargo surveys, container certification and barge drafting. With our decades of experience in the industry, we have forged loyal working relationships with professional providers, technicians, and insurance companies. With their support and our resources, we can provide our clients with cost-efficient packages that can meet their needs.

Our main services include:

  • Discharge/outrun surveys.
  • Load and stow surveys.
  • On/off charter surveys.
  • Cargo transfer surveys.
  • Damage cargo surveys
  • Liability exposures.
  • Container inspection/CSC Update
  • Condition and value surveys
Cargo surveying

Among others. We also remain abreast of current regulations and laws that can change without notice and ensure our clients remain aware of them.